Pictures from My Country

Mohsen Al-Jabri (image here)
On the 17th of July, 1978, a popular television show broadcasted on Yemen Television, displaying scenic images from all Yemeni provinces while Yemeni music played in the background. The show was loved by Yemeni emigrants; not only did it show images of their homeland, it was narrated in Yemeni dialect. It was called "Pictures from My Country"صور من بلادي. The host of the show was Mohsen Al-Jabri who hosted the show on a weekly bases for 30 years. He passed away in 2008.

In hopes of reviving a similar vision, Yemeniaty will post images from Yemen every Friday. Enjoy! 

Photography by Raiman Al-Hamdani

Jabal Al-Nahdayn - Sana'a

A House in Hajjah

From Al Haymah (Al-Dakhliyah)

Children in Al-Haymah

Scenic View from Hajjah

Children in Hajjah

Artist calls the image 'Innocence'

A village in Hajjah (on a mountain)

A Mosque in Zabeed

Jum'a Mubarakah!