Follow up: Women Seeking Freedom, Samia Al Aghbari

Image via Atiaf Al Wazir
On a previous post, found here, a situation was explained about a suitcase filed against Samia Al Aghbari for attacking "religion". After brief contact with her, this is what she had to say on the subject: 
What is happening today with me is an extension of a long campaign launched against a number of  women like writer Arwa Othman, activist Atiaf Al Wazir, and novelist Bushra al-Maqtari among others. This vicious attack confirms that without a doubt there is a systematic campaign targeting liberal activists and journalists in order to silence our voices.
They [the attackers] believe that they have silenced our voices. In the past, Saleh and his "associates" used religion to eliminate opponents and settle their accounts with opposition. They even used defamation and fabricated accusations of treason, not to forget the abuse of the judicial system that is used as a sword hanging over the necks of their opponents. Today, extremist groups - whatever their affiliation is - are using the same techniques. But we [women] will not fear their threats or their campaigns. We will continue our struggle until we win our humanity back and get the state that we want. 
What about the accusation that you slandered religion? 
My sentence was clear and the meaning was obvious. The term that I used, "ugliness", was to describe the allaince, not religion, however, some extremists exploited that situation. What I say is that I can not badmouth any religion, let alone my religion! Clearly, religion here is used to to settle political scores.