Project Objective

Heritage Initiative for Preservation (HIP) is a project committed to the promotion and documentation of Yemen’s historical and cultural heritage. Our team works with caretakers, scholars, researchers, diplomats and archaeologists concerned with Yemen. Through championing the preservation of Yemen’s historical artifacts, we aim to influence the international community. We also hope to bridge the information gap that exists in the field through presenting balanced expert narratives and high-calibre research.

Contributions will be archived and available online on Yemeniaty’s website, and our efforts will be supplemented with a social media component (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) designed to share informative data and specialist efforts in Yemen. Moreover, Yemeniaty’s Cultural Center homepage will feature several academic articles and videos authored and produced by experts from inside and outside of Yemen. Ultimately, the project will identify specialists from Yemen with archaeological training in safeguarding measures in areas of  conflict and will promote their effective participation.



  • Raise awareness and increase the global enthusiasm of Yemen’s heritage.
  • Document and share Yemen’s rich heritage and diverse history with the world through initiating a dialogue between the international community and concerned stakeholders.
  • Provide a podium for diverse Yemeni cultural expression dedicated to safeguard cultural relics, archaeological sites and historical artifacts.