Televising the Waves of Change in Yemen

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Award-winning producer and journalist,
Nawal Al-Maghafi, takes us on a journey into Yemen during the two most pivotal periods in the country’s modern history. Yemeniaty’s founder and director, Sama’a Al-Hamdani, will join Al-Maghafi to provide insight and analysis into the political and social dynamics that contributed to Yemen’s Revolution in 2011 and the failures of the transitional period that helped contribute to the regional proxy war.


In this special screening of two mini documentaries, Al-Maghafi sheds light on one of the most unknown and complex countries in the Middle East. The first documentary takes place during the Arab-Spring inspired revolution of 2011, while the second film investigates the current humanitarian crisis facing the citizens of Yemen during this war.


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In line with Yemeniaty’s mission to provide a complete picture of Yemen’s politics, culture and history, we are pleased to host a special screening of two mini-documentaries:


The President’s Man and His Revolutionary Son


A BBC World current affairs film. In this film, Al-Maghafi is the first journalist to interview former President Ali Abdullah Saleh after his fall from power. She gives viewers unprecedented access to the previous regime through the life of Abdo Al-Janadi, the deputy minister of information and Saleh’s main man. She then shows the struggle of the revolutionaries through his son, Abuthar Al-Janadi, a heart surgeon and one of the leading protesters in the heart of Taiz, where the revolution began in Yemen.

Yemen: The Forgotten War


After Houthi rebels seized large parts of the country, including the capital Sana’a, a civil war was ignited. A few months later, the internationally recognized president was forced to flee the country. Since then, an Arab coalition – logistically support by the United States, United Kingdom and France – began a heavy bombing campaign over Yemen. It’s been nine months of continuous fighting and the destruction and violence have reached nearly every parts of the country. At least 3,000 civilians have lost their lives, while nearly 2 million people were forced to leave their homes.


Adding to the humanitarian crisis is the land /sea/air siege that is preventing food, fuel and medicine from entering the country. The United Nations warns of a looming famine and declared its highest emergency level in Yemen – Level 3 humanitarian emergency – in July. Yet the strikes and the blockade are happening with the sanction of the international community, under resolution from the UN Security Council. Human rights organizations say the strikes often target civilians and may amount to war crimes.


About the Speakers


Nawal Al-Maghafi


Award winning filmmaker Nawal Al-Maghafi has reported from places that mainstream media often ignored during the Arab spring. She was the first journalist to enter the unchartered territory of Sa’adah and gained an exclusive interview with one of the Houthi movement leaders, Mohammed Badraddin Al-Houthi. She entered Saudi Arabia undercover and shed light on the ignored plight of the Shia population in the country. Nawal investigated the journey of thousands of Ethiopian migrants that are being kidnapped and tortured in Yemen. The film led to an extensive investigation of the military sectors involved by the Yemeni government. In addition, she also reported on the US counterterrorism war in Yemen and its effect on the ground.

Nawal has been working as a World News producer for Reuters and worked for Channel 4, BBC Newsnight, BBC World and BBC Arabic.



Sama’a Al-Hamdani


Sama’a Al-Hamdani is the founder and managing director of Yemeniaty. She is currently a fellow with the Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies (SCSS).  As an independent writer, researcher & analyst focusing on Yemeni politics and women’s affairs, her work has been published in various international media outlets including in Al-monitor, LawFare blog (Brookings), The National (UAE), MENAsource (The Atlantic Council Blog),  Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, Fikra Forum (The Middle East Institute Journal) as well as local Yemeni newspapers and several other prominent publications and academic Journals. She is commentator on Yemen political events for major international media outlets like CNN International, BBC World Service, BBC Arabic, Aljazeera English, France24, Al Hurra News Channel, the Huffington Post Live, NPR, and the BBC World Service.  She was also as a guest speaker at Brookings Institution, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Middle East, Chatham House, and the World Affair’s Council of Houston amongst others.  Sama’a holds a video journalism degree from Al-Arabiya Channel.




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Nov 18, 2015 - Nov 18, 2015

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